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Forex Trading — a guy wants to mentor me in trading for a week for a cut of the profit. Idk anything about bitcoin. Does this site look legit? (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

Forex Trading — a guy wants to mentor me in trading for a week for a cut of the profit. Idk anything about bitcoin. Does this site look legit? (x-post from /Bitcoin) submitted by ASICmachine to CryptoCurrencyClassic [link] [comments]

Trade Like a Pro – Discover The Forex Mentor Pro Training Course!

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Tackle Trading Halftime Report May 14th 2019

U.S. China Trade talks are still painting the tape today, but now the news is in a somewhat positive light. Even as we hear words like “constructive”, the markets are still being cautious today. We will talk about it in depth today on the Halftime Report #HTC #TeamTackle #mentor #forex #trading #economics #stockmarket #options #cashflow #futures #investing #stocks

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Forex mentoring from traders' perspective

After I started my service as a forex mentor I had to realize that my mindset as a long time trader is vastly different from the mindset of my target audience. My experience so far is that most traders need mentoring, but they don't want to be mentored.
It would help me a lot to understand what traders need today (even beginners) if you could answer some of the following questions in the comments: - With what expectations did you (will you) start trading? - What is it about trading that you look for but nobody seems to be able to help with it? - From your point of view, what gives credibility to a mentor before you start working together?
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Professional Trader Reacts: How To Find The PERFECT Forex Mentor

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Professional Trader Reacts: How To Find The PERFECT Forex Mentor

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Entrepreneur opportunity to get rich. Forex Mentoring to become profitable trader and soon to be mentor!

If you wanna learn about a opportunity to become a profitable trade in the Forex markets text my phone, and ill get you on a phone call to learn more about the opportunity! My phone number is 856-426-4656 my name is Vincent Capone. Have a nice day!
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Alix Inch Changes the Way Traders are Mentored With Unique Training Platform The Forex Organisation

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I am going to tell you a very kept secret from forex mentors that will never tell you

You need big amount of cash to put in the account balance in order to trade forex. And by trading I mean proper trading.
BUT before that, train yourself on small account balance and take small pips in order to elevate your forex skillset. Delete your emotions. Have a plan and trading time. Develop good patience.
Then slowly rise up on a bigger account. That is forex.
You are paid to wait. <- Read it again
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Meet The Self Made Millionaire Forex Trader & Mentor, Clint Fester

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17 Questions to Ask a Forex Mentor

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I want to learn forex (searching for a mentor who'll teach for free)

i'm 18, i've been trying to learn forex for 3 months,i actually cant afford the courses (cuz they are very costly),,so i'm trying to learn by myself, i've watched 300 + videos on YouTube and also tried learning from babypips.com ,,bt i always end up blowing up a demo accnt,,it wud be pretty helpful if someone cud guide me(for free) and help me build a strategy .
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Reliable sources/mentors for forex begginers

Hello guys, I am new to forex, have been reading and watching lots of forex begginer videos and articles and courses and so, such as babypips and lots of youtube tutorials, live trading etc. I feel like I still wont be able to educate myself all alone, I need lerning plan, I need a mentor and/or at least reliable course. I also want to make sure I do not waste my money on people who claim to know trading and their main income source are 'pro' courses or so. So I would be really grateful if you could give testimonies, recommend reliable mentors and courses, or at least suggest learning plan, what should I learn and in what order should I place it. Thanks!
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Investing With Homies is a community of stock market, crypto, and forex investors and traders. We host a LIVE STREAM on Twitch, weekdays at 9:00pm(PST). We also have a discord of friendly and helpful mentors that can assist you in financially securing your future. Let's get these gains, Homies!

Investing With Homies is a community of stock market, crypto, and forex investors and traders. We host a LIVE STREAM on Twitch, weekdays at 9:00pm(PST). We also have a discord of friendly and helpful mentors that can assist you in financially securing your future. Let's get these gains, Homies! submitted by investingwithhomies to u/investingwithhomies [link] [comments]

Are there Forex trading groups/communities/mentoring in Canberra?

Hello everyone!
Does anybody know of any Forex trading groups or communities within Canberra?
What about mentors for Forex trading?
Thanks in advance
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I want to create a forex mentoring thread where newbies can ask questions and learn from experienced vets!

View Poll
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Looking for reliable Forex community/mentor in the GTA area

Im a beginner forex trader and looking for a community to join. Want to get more experience in trading.
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People with Forex mentors. How has it helped you?

Good evening/morning depending on from where you're from. I've gone through baby pips and the udemy course. Watched and obscene amount of you tube videos. I feel as though I have and okay grasp on the technical aspect, I can tell I've only got a minimal grasp of it but definitely enough to lose my all my money. So far my demo account is in the negative but, I only just decided on a system that fits my personality. I'm currently using the ichimoku cloud 1hr candles and checking 30min and 4hr time frames to finalize and fine tune my entry.
So, what I would like to know is. I've only heard mentors mentioned on reddit. But it seems mentors are something that people use judging by the communities of gurus who get people together to call out trades.
Is it usually recommended to have a mentor? I've been considering trying to get a forex discord channel started maybe separate channels into trading systems? Are there any open groups to join or discord channels to get into? It's the weekend now and i find myself biting at the bit for forex stuff and of course no trading on the weekends. I feel like I've run out of relevant info I can get off of "sell your training course people". What should I do while I wait for Australia to open on Sunday?
BTW you people are awesome and I enjoy going through the posts and getting fresh perspectives on my new found joy of testing strategies and throwing fake money away.
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Forex Day Trading With a Forex Trading Mentor

Some believe that trading habitually creates a bigger income, but Bitcoin Revolution 2 Review in fact it is the contrary that is correct. Trading very frequently can create a yearning to pick quantity over quality of transaction and consequently produce a loss in profits. There are also a growing number of traders who feel they can outsmart the system, and although they may possibly work vigorously, and that may hold true for similar professions, this will not work in Forex. The most fundamental attribute of any flourishing Forex trader is unmatched persistence. You should be able to delay for high odd trades.
Application makers and Forex Authority Advisors would have you think there is some concealed power directing the market than one can precisely utilize. Charges are established by people. People in no way act as expected. If there was a scientific approach that could foretell what the market would do, at that time traders wouldn't be wanted because everybody would comprehend what would occur before it actually did.
Forex trading is a risk. Forex exchange relies on opportunities, if you are able to cut your losses you can in spite of everything make a earning on your investment and be paid sound earnings in the long run. You truly need to scrutinize the trading state and do your prep, so that you aren't blindsided by what you thought was available to be a prosperous trade.
In order to become a successful forex option trader, the key is having the right Forex Option Strategy. The forex market is largely based on market trends coupled with computations in order to determine the amount of premium to be paid and the risk involved in both buying and selling of the options. Necessarily so, the forex trader, whether a seasoned veteran or a complete beginner, must make use of the right forex strategy in order to become successful in gaining more profit and averting any possible loss of money while engaged in forex option and option trading.
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[Share] Forex Knights Hector DeVille's Mentoring Program

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Can a forex mentor trade my account and make me rich?

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What Makes a Good Forex Trading Mentor?

What Makes a Good Forex Trading Mentor?
If you are a forex trader (whether a beginner or experienced), you will be aware of the fact that you rarely get a company of fellow traders. The traders who get to have a first- hand and personal interaction with the other experienced traders are either the hotshots who usually work on a bank’s trading desk or the one who is taking care of an investment firm’s primary account. Most of the individual traders need a forex mentor for guidance. It is necessary to have a mentor if you want to climb the ladder of success in forex trading. Finding a trustworthy mentor is also a task in itself. To find one, every trader including you will have to do research by going through books, forex magazines, blogs, forums, etc.
As per the definition, a mentor is described as a trusted guide or counselor. Though to find a genuine mentor in the forex world, you will have to look for various factors to be sure of your choice. If you find difficulty in doing so consider reading the following mentioned qualities of a genuine forex mentor.
1. Should Be Able To Convince You
There are many kinds of people in forex trade, even the ones who know nothing about forex trading. And these are the ones who pose as a forex mentor and victimize the newbie forex traders. By using impressive forex jargon and few trading strategies they scam people into a trap. If you are new to forex trading, never get scammed by such an imposter. Learning jargon of forex trade is no big deal and can be done by a teenage kid too. To be convinced you actually need to know how long this person has been working as a trader and what is his track record.
2. Should Have An Inspiring Personality
Many people would say that a person who is a mentor also must have learned from books of forex trade. And since you too can do the same, then what is the need of a mentor to learn forex trading. The answer to this is simple and it is that it sounds easy to learn by reading a book, but can be quite monotonous. Thus to maintain your enthusiasm you need to have a mentor who has the talent to inspire you. If your mentor cannot inspire you, then it is better to use a book.
A book can teach you trading but how to maintain your cool, how to trade without getting stressed, things like these will only be taught to you by a mentor.
3. A Good Mentor Can Be Trusted By The Students
To be a good forex trader with the help of a mentor, you will have to open up about your trading style and even your private personality to your mentor. You will be able to do this only if you have trust in him or her. Gaining trust is one of the most difficult things in the world and if your mentor can gain your trust, you can consider him or her to be a professional mentor for forex trading.
4. Should Be Able To Back Their Word
To get a student every mentor will give you a word of 100% success rate but since it is known to all how volatile the forex trade market is, how is it possible to always have a winning trade. A mentor who is professional and trustworthy will let you know the facts (both good and ugly). It is the duty of a mentor to guide a newbie about the tough experiences of forex trading, so he or she can make up their mind if this trading is their cup of tea or not.
5. A Genuine Trader Will Teach You How To Trade Without Help
There can be a number of professional mentors but the difference between a true mentor and them is that only a true mentor will also teach you how you will be able to work without help. A pro mentor will only teach you complicated techniques and ask you to come back when you are in trouble, whereas a true mentor will teach you in a way that you will be able to find a way out of a never experienced situation too.
Hafizzat Rusli
Hafizzat Rusli is a mentor who has all these traits. To know about his results with his students, you can visit his website. He offers a forex trading course that has helped students from all parts of the world. To know more about Hafizzat and his courses click this link https://www.hafizzatrusli.com/trading-courses/
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Learning FOREX By Yourself Vs. Getting A Mentor...Which ... Learn How To Trade Forex in 2019 with Forex Mentor Pro ... Learn Forex Yourself Online vs. Find a Trading Mentor HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT FOREX MENTOR  FOREX TRADERS ... Quick Tips: Is Having A Forex Mentor Important? - YouTube

Forex Mentor Pro has taken me from being a rookie gambler to a winning trader” Martin (tokolosh) from Australia “I spent thousands learning from a company that is only interested in selling more systems that don’t work and after trying several trading systems, robots, and indicators, I’ve come to see that most things I’ve come across ... When I was first getting into Forex I searched youtube relentlessly for things like “Forex For Beginners” and “How To Get Into Forex” like any normal person would. But what I should have been looking for is things like “Best Forex Mentor” or “Best Paid Forex Educational Platforms or Courses”. If I had done that […] Besides being a professional trader, a Forex trading mentor should be able to motivate and inspire you to become a better version of yourself. Finding a trading setup, managing an open trade and paying attention to risk management is art as much as it is a skill. MENTOR FX is a licensed trade mark and it's owned and operated by MENTOR CORP, registered by FINANCIAL SUPERVISION AUTHORITY (FSA) with registration number: 24652IBC2018. Risk Warning: Trading Contracts For Difference and Foreign Exchange is highly speculative and carries a level of risk that may not be suitable for all investors. Thanks Tim I have to say after going over all your ebooks multiple times it's all started to click into place. Finally...thank god.I've been taking 2hr - 1hr zones and hitting 80 -150 GBP per day on my swing trades.The hardest thing for me was defining trend.I use the 2hr TF to decipher that now and use it to execute on.Just wanted to say thank you for creating those books.

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Learning FOREX By Yourself Vs. Getting A Mentor...Which ...

Should you or should you NOT have a forex mentor? This will answer a lot of questions... This will ALSO explain the reason that I stopped teaching. Now a lot... How To Get A Forex Trading Mentor For FREE (Proven Method!) Subscribe to the channel: https://goo.gl/4DpLu6 In this Da Nang Forex trading vlog, I explore Da ... In this video, I'm gonna be talking and explaining 3 tips I wish my forex mentor had taught me! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE!!! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE!!! •$297 Forex C... Forex Mentor-ship Course: www.forexchasers.com In this video I will teach you understand How Important it is to have a Mentor In Forex trading, This video wi... Get full access to Forex Mentor Pro via this link: http://forextradingplaybook.com/forexmentorpro Forex Mentor Pro is one of the top forex trading training &...